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[this is good] I just received money grams in the mail yesterday that I am supposed to cash and send this guy money back.


What should I do? I don't want to get in trouble.

Armchair News

On the off chance that you're not joking: Toss 'em. Go to Snopes.com. And go here:http://www.nigerianscams.org/On the more likely chance that you're joking, HA!


no I wasn't joking. They are asking me why I am questioning them and trying to talk me into taking them to the bank. I feel like a idiot for even thinking that it could be legit. I'm glad I didn't cash them.

Armchair News

Seriously, it's a total scam! Don't feel like an idiot; if people didn't fall for it, they wouldn't keep doing it. Just Google "Nigerian scam" or and you'll come up with tons of stuff! At least you didn't lose any money....This is a valuable (and funny) Web site to check out:http://www.419eater.com/index.htm

Clyde Kang

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