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[this is good] FAN-tastic post!

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♥ Lady M ♥

[this is good] Suhweet!!!

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Thank you! Roger is a sweetheart.


Yeah... you made TIG/Explore page today!!

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Hurrah!! Thanks for the tip.


[this is good] What a great story!


[this is good] We have both Gotten Older, and somehow did it together.Lovely... And fantabulous story!


[this is good] Fab writing.


Aw, that's lovely and despite my 35 year old self agreeing that they're just people, like everyone else, my 14 year old self is going OH MY GOD YOU MET JOHN TAYLOR!!

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You're too kind! Many thanks!

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I know, I know! The squee factor is hard to suppress. (And really, not that you want to.)

gunderson bee

roger was my favorite. this was my all-time favorite band when I was growing up and I am not, by nature, a fan of anything. I love this post. :) thank you.


This was a really great read. I had my own fantasies about them when I was 15, and it's nice to hear this perspective.


[das ist gut] These people are not your friends. They're not going to be. And not
that you really thought they would be, but -- the meeting of them
serves only to show the lines and the creases and the in-betweens. They
aren't who you think they are. They're just people.Hey... really good ... really good... especially this part. :)That is a wonderful post, it nearly matches to everyone's own (former) fantasies.


[this is good] This is such a great post.


[this is good] I am so totally jealous, but I can completely understadn the whoel "what on earth do we talk about" thing. it is something I have often pondered myself. what do you say - especially to someone like that (and I'm talking Simon here) who was so completely meaningful and the centre of the universe at one point in your life.Duran Duran will always be the first band I ever saw live!


[this is good] I saw them for the first time on my 30th birthday a few years ago. At the time, I was impressed that they not only played the new stuff, but recognized that most of us were there to hear the old stuff as well, and they played many "B Sides", including "Night Boat". This was a great post...I'm glad to hear that they are still performing concerts thatshowcasethe new and old stuff. Great picture of you and Roger!

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I love hearing the old stuff, particularly the stuff you don't get to hear much. Kudos to you for going for the first time at 30! Glad you had a good time. They are a great live band.

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Kind of humbling, too.I've had chats with bands before, and it is possible to maintain a discussion, but in that environment when it's so clearly a momentary stop off and not anything that's meant to turn into a proper conversation the Awkward Factor is put up to 10. Or 11, if you're a Spinal Tap fan.


Hi. Great post. In fact, it's so good that it's just been announced as this week's Post of the Week.I'm afraid there isn't much of a prize except any kudos you might get... but we'd love to have you join us as a Guest Judge next week (or whenever you can make it). If you're interested, see here for details.Congratulations!ST(apologies if I end up double posting this...)


[this is good] ...and I'm here via Post of The Week...
well, my 12 year old self is here via Post of the Week, agreeing with

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Neat! I've never seen Post of the Week. I'll jump in on the judging after Thanksgiving, and thanks for putting it up there!


ha ha, funny that you finally got 'closure' on the fact that Simon was not someone you could have gone out with. I never had crushes on pop stars, except for David Bowie and I'm pretty sure he IS someone I would have wanted to go out with and not just 'air'

Victor Riddick

[this is good] Not spending superfluous words.

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