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awww... wish I had room for her!!i'm refusing to give up my analog televisions - still waiting on the goverment coupons for the FREE HDTV-to-analog adapters. I REFUSE to pay for television!

Armchair News

Mmm ... it will be interesting to see just how the transfer from analog to digital will go. I am suspect of the guvmnint getting around to fulfilling any coupons....

R.G. Ryan

[this is good]

Armchair News

Thanks, R.G.! Glad to hear from ya again :)


Ditto. That's part of the reason I'm waiting for them. The "agreement" is two $40 coupons per household with analog TV. I'll believe it when I see it. I fully expect that I'll just be unable to watch TV one day. No big loss.

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