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Here's my part for libraries!
If you can, stop by my blog to leave a comment for my local library!



comment comment commentgood job and good goal!

Jenn Hubbard

Thanks for joining in!

Bookishly Fabulous

[this is good] Being a librarian, I love libraries!

Armchair News

Woo hoo! You should start one of these yourself :D


[this is good] I'm commenting like crazy.

colleen Kosinski

Yay for libraries!



Projects like this are so inspiring, especially seeing all the blogs opened up for this.

There's nothing like the endless possibilites of a

Jenny Schwartzberg

[this is good] Thank you so much all of you bloggers for helping out our libraries!A grateful rare book librarian in Chicago

Armchair News

Thanks so much to all of you for jumping in here!! Keep sending around or start your own so the dollars can keep rolling into our much-needed libraries!


Hope it's ok- I passed the noon deadline. Just got on for today, checking the blogs, and found this marvelous fund-raising idea. I lived in Flushing years ago, worked at Malawi and the Mighty Mole on Union Tpke. Go Queens!!!


[this is good] I used to live around the corner from the Jackson Heights Library. It definitely needs everyone's support.

Armchair News

They've recently done some updates and there are a lot of computers now (even for check-out) and not nearly enough books, but I get that's where the smaller libraries are heading. I can usually get what I need by ordering, but I can't figure out why getting "I, Robot" is taking over three weeks!

Jasper Peltier

[this is good] It will be last drop.

Thaddeus Cannon

[this is good] In it something is also idea excellent, agree with you.

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